Christmas Nativity Sets

Georgeous Willow Tree Nativity Sets
This is a nativity set you can purchase as a set, or buy the seperate packs, and add to your collection.
They also make great gifts for a family that they can enjoy year after year.
A great starter set is the Holy Family Set and a Metal Star Back Drop ($244.00),
then start adding extra sets.

Nativity Scene
Full Set Usually - $970.40
Save $125.40 - while stocks last

Full Set includes
Holy Family Set, Three Wise Men, Sheperd and Animals, Ox and Goat, Creche, 2 x Sets Metal Stars,
and Angel of Prayer

Holy Family Set
Shepherd and Stable Animals
(tallest 24cm) (tallest 19cm)
Three Wise Men
Ox and Goat
(tallest 21.5cm) (tallest 8.9cm)
Metal Star Back Drop
(43cm high) Metal Star Back Drop
(34cm tall)
Angel of Prayer
Holy Family
For those who believe
in the power of prayer
(11cm high)
A child is born
(18cm high)